Lord, is it I?

Do you know what part of the “Holy Week” story amazes me? It’s the words found in Matthew 26:22. Jesus and His followers are meeting for the Passover meal. This is where Jesus institutes communion. He’s just shared the fact that one of them will betray Him.

Their response- “Lord, is it I?”


On the one hand, it’s wonderful that they had such respect for God’s power that they were sure He knew what He was talking about. He knew the future. He knew which of them would be the betrayer.

On the other hand, to doubt one’s faith, one’s strength and commitment so much that these words would be uttered, is frightening. “Lord, is it I?”

With smug satisfaction, we can look back with hindsight and say, “We know better. We’d never betray Jesus.” Yet, these fellows walked with Him (literally) for three years. They were there when the sermon on the mount was given. They had first hand knowledge of all His miracles. Yet, when the rubber meets the road. . . “Lord, is it I?”

In your daily life, you will face conflict for the cause of Jesus Christ. That’s a given. Do you have the assurance that when the test comes, you will stand strong for the Lord, or is their nagging doubt at the back of your brain- “Will I betray the faith, Will I fall?”

“Lord,is it I?”

Frankly, I think we all have a tiny nagging doubt. If we didn’t, we’d be bordering on arrogance. Bordering? No, I’m wrong. We’d be way over the line.

I don’t mean to be a downer; don’t mean to cast a shadow on any Easter celebration, but God put that verse there for a reason. He wanted us to know that the disciples were ordinary men, not super saints. They had weaknesses. With all they knew, with all they’d seen, they had weaknesses. The truth is, in the end they all deserted Him. Yet He still forgave!

Some may argue, “But these were the pre-resurrection disciples. Things changed.” You may have a valid point there. But still, I am willing to admit that I am only human. I get tested and sometimes I fail.

So what do we do?

–God’s word says, “The Joy of the Lord is our Strength!” Stay close to Him, stay in His joy, stay in His strength. Know that even in our weakness, He is there, and He is strong.

–God forgives! This is a wonderful lesson learned. The disciples failed. Jesus forgave.

Lord, when I am called to face the challenges that my Christian faith will bring me, may I stay strong in you. If I falter, I am thankful for your forgiveness. If I succeed, to God be the Glory!  Amen.

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