Chapter 1. The Origin of Spiritual Zombies – Part One



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Professor Grimwell was busily working in his lab, trying to perfect the formula for square oranges, when the door behind him squeaked open.

“Is that you, sweetheart?” he said, assuming it was his dear wife, coming to bring him some cookies and milk. When she didn’t answer, he turned to look. It was her all right. Yet something was wrong. She was different. Her face had a death-like pallor. Dark circles encased her sunken eyes. She walked slowly, dragging her feet, moaning.

The professor came to the sad realization that his wife had turned into a Zombie. “Harriet! What happened to you?”

That, my friends, is the question, and the subject of this chapter in our study. WHAT HAPPENED?  As we begin, it would be good to know where Spiritual Zombies came from?

Just as Professor Grimwell is never going to get answers from his wife (Except for an occasional moan), we will not get answers from Spiritual Zombies. For what we seek, we need to look to God’s word, to the book of Genesis, where we will discover the truth about humankind.


Genesis 11:27 “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

Do you know what? Our culture has been so indoctrinated with the theory of evolution, if someone mentions Intelligent Design or Creation, they’re gawked at like they’re from the planet “Stupid”.

“That’s an uneducated person,” some will sneer.

But let me ask you a question. If you were in the middle of the desert and came across a computer, just sitting there, what conclusion would you draw? I’m sure there’s many (Where’s the electricity out here to run this thing? What idiot leaves a computer in the middle of the desert? Is this a mirage? Is this the bait to a Zombie trap?) But one inescapable conclusion, one fact, is this-

Someone Left That Computer There.

It didn’t simply spring up out of the sand. You could wait a billion years and it wouldn’t happen. Why? It’s a complicated piece of equipment. It shows a designer, simply by its existence.

Guess what? People are far more sophisticated and complicated than computers. How in the world do we believe we just popped up out of the dirt, even given millions and billions of years?

You may say, I am oversimplifying the issues. “The theory of evolution is something else.” Truth be known, it isn’t. For the evolutionist, the impassable problem of intelligent life springing from the primordial soup has been covered up by “billions and billions of years”.

It takes a lot of faith to believe in something you cannot prove. I’d rather put my faith in an intelligent designer. I’d rather put my faith in God.

Every once in awhile, there will be a news story about some scientific research that is coming closer to discovering where life began. Insane. All that money wasted. The answer is right in the Bible. We are a creation of God.

Why Did God Create Us?

We were made to “walk” with Him; To have a relationship with Him; To glorify Him. Our very lives were meant to find peace and joy in the presence of God.

He is where we came from and He is why we exist.

We had it pretty good, too! It was paradise. Look up Genesis 2:8-17. God took care of all of our needs.

So what happened? That’s what we’ll discuss next time.

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