The Land of Biblical Illiterates

WWJD. Do you remember what those initials stand for? I think it was some time in the 80’s, when the phrase “What Would Jesus Do?” became popular.

I have a problem. I think if you ask a lot of people this question today, they’d answer with a shrug, accompanied by a dull, “I don’t know.” Most people don’t know what Jesus would do, because He’s nothing more to them than the little baby on Christmas cards, or some great religious teacher from a long time ago.

In an age when morals are eroding, how can God make any inroads if no one is listening to HIM speak through His word.

Christians Are Becoming Biblical Illiterates

I was teaching at a youth retreat, when the following happened– Some of the staff were doing their nightly devotions together. I listened as they expounded on End-Time theology (i.e.  Sin growing worse, Rapture, Seven years tribulation, Second coming). All the highlights that would make for a blockbuster movie.

I asked, “Where does the Bible say these things?” I want you to know from the get go, I’m not doubting the second coming, just wondering where they got their theology.

Remember! Theology without a Biblical basis has a tendency to slip into people’s opinions.

“It’s in Revelations,” they told me.

“But where?”

I was answered with dumb looks and accusing stares, as if by questioning them, I was denying the Bible, Jesus, and mom’s apple pie.

I am greatly afraid that we are not simply sliding down the hill of Biblical illiteracy, but we’ve hit the bottom, crashed through the surface to an underground land of ignorant happiness.

Where Do You Get Your Answers for the Tough Issues of the Day?

What are the divisive issues we face? I don’t want to bring up any particular one. I’ll leave that to your imagination. There are plenty that make your blood boil; that divide our nation. When questioned about these, what is your response? What is your opinion?

–Do you spout the party line, not knowing where you got it, but saying it anyways?

–Do you listen to your favorite author, or worse yet, get your answers from that great source of Theology– Television?

–Do you answer, “God is love” as you all hold hands and sing Kumbaya like flower children?

We Need to Return to the Bible!

As Christians, living behind enemy lines (I truly believe we’re in a time when the world in anti-Christian), we need to base what we believe, not on what we feel; not on the doctrinal flavor of the week or what society says.

When asked What Would Jesus Do, we need to give HIS answer, not our own. That can only be found in His unchanging Word!

2 Timothy 2:15 “Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

I urge all Christians to study God’s Word. 

–You should do this on your own. Set aside time every day to read God’s Word.

–You should do this with other Christians. Get involved with a Bible Study. Sit under the teaching of a Pastor.

Do this so that if someone says to you, WWJD? You’ll have the right answer!

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