To Everything There is a Season

Recently my daughter Jamie got married. All her friends and relatives gathered for the festive celebration held at the ocean. While there, I got to dance with the most beautiful girl in the world.
Before I continue, I have to make some apologies here-
Sorry Jamie. Your husband, Jon might say you are the most beautiful girl in the world, but you’re not who I’m talking about.
Sorry to my wife, Jodie. It’s not you either. Though I don’t think you’ll hit me in the head with a frying pan when I tell you who I am talking about.
I got to dance with my granddaughter, Ruthie. A few months shy of 2 years old, I held her in my arms and danced around. She likes her grandfather. Go figure! She calls me “Pa”, not quite able to get the “grand” part out yet.
I wonder what goes through her head when this huge, bearded giant scoops her up and tells her stories that make no sense to her, threatening to eat her nose, giggle-gassing her belly, and wiggling his nose in the oddest sort of way.
The wedding was a wonderful time. I got to walk my daughter down the aisle; my daughter who just yesterday, in my mind’s eye, had to hold tightly to my hand as we walked through the mall, dove from her daddy’s arms in the pool- “Throw me again daddy”. Now she’s a grown woman; and, yes- Very beautiful.
Weddings are wonderful celebrations!
But for those who have a few miles under their belts, weddings are a time of remembrance.
I thought back to a cousin’s wedding, attended when I was just a few years older than Ruthie. So many years have gone by, yet it seems like only yesterday.
At my daughter’s wedding, I reminisced with older relatives about days gone by, having a tiny twinge of sorrow because my own mom and dad didn’t live long enough to see this happy day. We told stories of our deceased loved ones, smiling with the thoughts that younger relatives had similar traits and characteristics.- Jamie could give her grandmother a run for her money, playing Jeopardy.
I don’t want to be glum, sad, depressed. I simply wonder about it all. Years spent…time lost…good times and bad times.
As all this is running through my mind, I look into my little banana head’s eyes (that’s my Ruthie). She smiles at me. Her mouth forms the word,”Pa”, said with breathless wonder. Suddenly all is right with the world. Life moves on. Generations come on the stage to take their place! I realize that in only a few tomorrows (time will pass that quickly), I’ll be dancing with her at her wedding.
Life is good.

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