Chapter 1. The Origin of Spiritual Zombies – Part Two

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“Sweetheart! What happened to you?” Professor Grimwell hollered, while wrestling with his formerly beautiful wife, trying to keep her from biting into him. Alas! She’d been Zombie-ized, and couldn’t hear his pleas. Her hollow, empty eyes looked down at him, her teeth, chomping like a pacman, tried to push passed his grasp, to his head. “What happened sweetheart? What happened?”

That is the question of the day, as we investigate Spiritual Zombies, what happened?

In part one of the Origin of Spiritual Zombies, we learned that people are a creation of God, made to have a relationship with Him, and to glorify Him. Made in His image. Do you know what? We had it pretty good. It was paradise. Literally! So what happened?

Because of limited space, I won’t include the whole Bible chapter on Man’s Fall. If you get a chance, read Genesis, chapter three for the full story. From that chapter, I’m going to pull out three important points, all related to the origin of Spiritual Zombies.

1. Sin Entered the Picture.

Man disobeyed God. That’s the very definition of sin- Disobedience to God.

Sin. We don’t like to use that word anymore. It invokes an image of some evangelist, pounding the pulpit and hollering out over the heads of the crowd. “SINNERS!!!” Yet, the truth is, the world is filled with sin; filled with people who disobey God. It had a beginning. There was a time when we first said, “I want to do it my way.”

The very notion of sin being an attack against God bothers some people. They define sin as hurting someone else; some other human. “Therefore,” they reason. “If what I do doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s okay.” While it is true that sin may cause someone else hurt or pain, that is not its definition.

What we’ve done is taken God out of the picture. We’ve acted as if He doesn’t matter. We have tried to redefine sin. In your daily life, have you ever asked yourself, “Is what I am doing in disobedience to God’s word?” That, my friend, is the question. It goes against the “I have a right” Zombies of the day. Instead of dwelling on “rights”, it puts God back in the picture. What is right in His sight?

Adam and Eve had rules, given by God. They disobeyed. They were guilty. Sin entered the picture.

-To be continued

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