Chapter 1 The Origin of Spiritual Zombies- Part Three

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What do we learn about Spiritual Zombies from the Fall of Mankind?

2. It was a Willing Disobedience                                                                                    That’s a major difference between fictitious Zombies and Spiritual Zombies. We assume with the fictitious, becoming a zombie isn’t their fault. Poor Professor Grimwell’s wife was out picking daisies when some “living dead” person snuck up behind her and began munching on her arm. She became infected! Didn’t ask for it. Didn’t send away for it in the mail. It happened without her consent.

But, when Adam and Eve sinned, it was their own fault. They knew what God had said. No one pulled their strings like they were puppets. No one snuck up behind them and did a “GOTCHA!”.

And yet, like good little Spiritual Zombies (or humans, depending on how you look at it), they tried to blame others. After they’d sinned, when they heard God walking in the garden, they hid.                                                                                                                          When God asked Adam what happened, Adam pointed at the woman. “It was her fault!”         Eve pointed at the serpent. “It was his fault!”                                                                          The serpent couldn’t point to anyone. Serpents don’t have fingers. Hahaha . . . Sorry. Bad joke.

But seriously, both Adam and Eve tried to blame someone else. Typical human response. “It’s my upbringing.” “It’s my genes.” “I had a lousy teacher.” “My friends made me do it.” “The dog ate my homework.” From the time we are little children to when we supposedly mature, we try to blame others for our sin.

I am a tad on the heavy side. It’s not my fault. My wife cooks fattening food. Fast food places serve humungus drinks. The lunches in the school cafeteria are so delicious. I can’t help myself. It’s the way God made me. STOP THE EXCUSES!!! I am fat and it is my fault. I choose. I eat. I am wrong.

Let’s get down to where the rubber meets the road. We are all sinners! What excuse do you use for your sin?

3. The Result of Sin is Death                                                                                                       The day Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit was the day they died. No, they didn’t grasp at their throats and topple over, like some scene from a murder mystery; bits of apple spilling from their mouths.

a. They Died Spiritually. A separation from God. Lostness- God banished the two from paradise. Isaiah 59: “But your iniquities have separated you from your God;
your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear.”

Some may say, “Ha! See it was God’s fault. He threw them out of paradise. He didn’t have to! He could have let them be.” Again, like small children, we stomp our feet on the ground and cry, “It’s not fair!”

Adam and Eve did wrong. There are always consequences for wrong actions; for sin. Please remember, God didn’t kill them. They killed themselves.

b. They Died Physically. They didn’t drop dead on the spot. But it was the day their physical death began. Their bodies began to decay. The curse of sin brought corruption, decay, and death on all of creation.

Therefore- Spiritual Zombies came into being by an act of disobedience, a walking away from God.                                                                                                                                       God said, “Walk with me”.                                                                                                           We said, “We can do it on our own.” And people have been trying to do it on their own since the Fall of Adam and Eve, and failing miserably.

Here’s a sobering question- Are you a Spiritual Zombie?

Look at the facts-                                                                                                                         1. Everyone Sins. Romans 3:23 “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” Frankly, the person who says they haven’t sinned is such an egotist. They haven’t truly examined themselves.                                                                                                                         2. Sin Brings Death. Romans 6:23a  “the wages of sin is death, . . .” Death is what sin earns.                                                                                                                                                   3. Therefore, since we are all sinners, We are All Dead. We are all Zombies- Dead on the inside. That’s how Jesus described the religious leaders.

Before we move on to more pressing Zombie issues, you need to ask yourself the question- “Am I a Spiritual Zombie?”

I know that part of this series is done, tongue in cheek, but this is an important question. Probably the most important one you will ever ask yourself. If we truly look at ourselves, all of us have to admit we are sinners. Sin brings death!

Perhaps another way of asking the question is, how are you dealing with your sin?

Next time, we will talk about God’s cure for Spiritual Zombies

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