God is in the Pizza!

images       God is in the Pizza. Wait! Before you stone me for being a heretic, let me explain. I’m not saying God is trapped in some pizza crust, or that He’s a big pepperoni. No, no.

Let me begin my explanation by telling you that I have poor eye sight, a result of Keratoconus; a corneal disease. Mine are pointy. Imagine your eyes are cameras. The corneas are the lenses. If the lenses were pointy, your pictures would be distorted.

I describe my vision kind of like Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I see multiples of everything. Blurry too. When the eye doctor says, “Read the first line on the chart”, my problem is, I can’t even see the chart, let alone the first line.

It’s a hoot to drive with me at night. When there’s a car coming at me, I see twelve to twenty headlights.

For years, I prayed, “Lord. Please heal me.” Then I’d wait for the hand of God to reach through my ceiling, pluck out my eyeball, spit-polish it, and put it back in place. Never happened.

Does that mean God doesn’t answer my prayers? No way. We have to remember . . . sometimes God is in the Pizza.

One day, I got a tip from a friend on a good pizza shop. (It always comes back to food, doesn’t it?) I thought I’d give it a try. While waiting for my order, I thumbed through a stack of magazines. One called “Woman’s World”, or “Woman’s Way”, or “The Attack of the Giant Woman” (I really don’t remember the title), caught my eye. Wanting to protect my image of being the strong, masculine type, I looked around to make sure no one  was watching, before thumbing through it.

Low and behold, I came across an article about a woman who suffered from Keratoconus. She’d gone the same route I had; tried surgery, regular contact lenses, prayer cloths made from St. Peter’s tube socks. Nothing worked. Then she heard about a doctor in Massachusetts who’d developed these new lenses. They effectively covered the entire eye, creating a space above the corneas that you fill with saline solution, forming a new front to your eye.

Hey! Was it possible? The woman in the article said she had wonderful results.

The doctor was in Massachusetts. What a stroke of luck. That’s where I live. I hemmed and hawed, wondering if it could be true. I eventually called. Good news. My insurance had just started covering the rather expensive devices. I made an appointment. Long story short. My vision, which used to be 20/300+, has dramatically changed. My left eye is 20/20 and my right eye is 20/50.

So why do I say, “God is in the Pizza.”? If my friend hadn’t mentioned the pizza shop, I never would have gone. I never would have read the article. I never would have found out about these devices. Isn’t it also interesting that I found out about them only after my insurance began picking up the bill? (Thousands of dollars, by the way) Was this all a part of God’s plan?

In 1 Kings 19, we read of the prophet Elijah, a mighty man of God, who performed incredible miracles. But in verses 10-12, he was feeling a bit sorry for himself; having a little pity party. The king was out to kill him, so he hid in a cave. He felt all alone.

He wanted a great miracle from the Lord. But God had something else in store for him. He caused a great wind, an earthquake, and a fire, to pass by. With each one, the Bible says, God was not in them. But then Elijah heard a still small voice. Low and behold, God was in the still small voice.

Many of us are looking for the huge, earth shaking miracles. The earthquake, or fire. We want an angelic choir to appear, hover over us, and sing the Hallelujah chorus. Hold on! Do we forget to see when God is in the still small voice? To see that He is doing the miraculous in the every day events of life? We forget to look for His blessings and see His miraculous hand all around us.

Where can you see God’s hand in your life?

For me, God was in the Pizza

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