Elevator Evangelism

elevatorYes! You heard right. Elevator Evangelism; a new, cutting edge way to share your faith. You may ask, what is it? I’ll tell you.

Recently I had the great fortune of taking an exciting elevator ride with a group of friends. Hey. I don’t get out much. That ride was the highlight of my week.

Once we began moving, one of the ladies said, “Do you know what I like to do on an elevator?” She turned her back to the door, and faced everyone; gazing into our eyes. “It drives people crazy. Everyone always faces the door. For me to face them, makes people nervous.”

She was right. Someone staring at you on an elevator, kind of freaks you out.

Wanting to contribute, I added, “Do you know what I like to do on elevators?” They all looked at me. In answer to their inquisitive gaze, I jumped in the air, and came down hard, shaking the whole elevator. Then I repeated and repeated, like the instructions on shampoo (rinse and repeat).

Some of the ladies laughed a bit nervously. Others braced themselves against the side, waiting for the whole car to go crashing down. That’s when it hit me!

“Ladies,” I said. “Are you ready to meet your maker?”

ELEVATOR EVANGELISM. Shock people! Bring them to the reality that they may be within seconds of death. Then hit them with the big question! Yes!

In considering this type of evangelism, one must understand that its effectiveness will be in direct proportion to the amount of shake-idge one can give to the car. In other words, little skinny people won’t have the same effect as big guys like me. I can make that car shake and moan, as if the cables are about to snap like a strand of spaghetti (Angel Hair). Whereas, some little drink of water will merely get a smirk or grumble from their target audience when they try to do the same thing.

My solution for the skinny guy–

1. Gain weight. I recommend a diet that includes two to three Big Mac’s per day. Within a couple of weeks, you should see some results. “What?” you complain. “That’s unhealthy.” To which I answer, “How dare you. Isn’t the benefit worth the cost? How will you make this work if you aren’t willing to put some effort into it?”

2. You could also try a variation on Elevator Evangelism. I’m sure you can think of a number of ways skinny people could frighten someone into the Kingdom– i.e. Go around at night wearing a hockey mask. When someone walks by, jump out from behind a tree, waving a baseball bat, and screaming the same “. . .meet your maker,” question.

Sad thing is, many people don’t think of their eternal destination until faced with a crisis situation. If you haven’t considered the answer to the “Maker” question, don’t wait until some crazy man shakes the elevator. Look to Jesus now!

If you are a follower of Christ, isn’t the truth of John 3:16 wonderful? “For God so LOVES the world. . .” Sharing His love will probably get better results than shaking an elevator. . .But you never know.

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