Bumper Stickers, Abortion, and God

Should I do it? Should I put the bumper sticker on my car? That’s the question.

Let me start at the beginning. A few years back, I picked up several copies of this bumper sticker.

Our Opinion Should not be above God’s. Abortion is Murder.

Over the years, that sticker disappeared, along with the minivan it was attached to. For the most part, I’d forgotten all about it, even though it was the beginning of many a controversial conversation.

Recently, as I was unpacking some boxes which had been gathering attic dust for many years, I came across two or three copies of this bumper sticker. I gazed at these pieces of my past, wondering. . . Should I put a copy of this bumper sticker on my car?

I want you to know, this isn’t a decision I make lightly, and I would appreciate your opinion. You may say, “This is a no brainer.”, but hear me out.


I know some would say, “NO. That word “Murder” is so offensive. How can you call a young teen a murderer; classifying her with the likes of a serial killer or Jack the Ripper, simply because she had a medical procedure done?”

It seems I’d be turning people off. I understand that. Are murder and killing two separate things? I guess I’ve mellowed over the years.

Besides, many people who have abortions are simply misinformed about the facts. They believe, if the government says it’s okay, then it must be okay. Silly people, thinking a government that’s amoral can take a moral stand.

That sticker could offend someone. My pro-life stand, and my Christian witness, might be clouded by that one word – Murder.

Then there’s the other side; those who say, “YES! Put the sticker on. If you don’t you’ll be compromising; bending to the will of the masses.”

Frankly, that one phrase in the sticker stands out to me– Our Opinion shouldn’t be above that of God’s.

That’s something we’ve forgotten. People don’t know anymore what God’s opinion is. They get their spiritual opinions from Oprah and the media; the Sunday morning talking heads on fake news shows.

I struggled. Would it be compromise if I didn’t put the sticker on?

A couple of things nudged me in a particular direction.

1– A Christian Friend’s Testimony. I’m in the process of having a book published. Hopefully next fall each of you will buy one hundred copies of it and help make me a famous author. One of the issues the book deals with is abortion. I had a Christian friend read it (to give me her opinion of my writing). When she was done, she shocked me when she told me that she’d had an abortion, just like the woman in the story. Her advice to me was– “You need to show more of the Post Traumatic Stress that’s associated with abortion.” That was her experience.

For those who are of the mindset, A Woman’s Right to Choose, you may not like to hear this. But it’s a fact. No one had told my friend of the consequences of the abortion. She’d been informed, it was the painless, guiltless procedure. That was not her experience, though. Nor is it the experience of many who have abortions. There’s guilt. There’s pain. There’s complications.

2– The Professional Critique. I sent my book to a Christian Professional for a critique. When it was complete, and I found myself sitting across the table from her, she looked me in the eye and said, “Jeremiah. I’ve had an abortion.” Then she continued with the critique, not sharing anything else personal. I wondered what she thought of me; and, apart from the nuts and bolts of my writing, I wondered what she thought of the theme of my book. What she thought of the stand I’d taken.

One thing that amazed me was, this woman was also a Christian. It may sound self-righteous of me (and it is) but somehow I’ve always felt the abortion issue was one that hit out there, and not as close to home as our local churches. But it does.

It brought me to understand how far reaching this problem is, and the misconception of the guiltless crime.

What have I decided. I will put the bumper sticker on. I believe I have to. We are more and more becoming tolerant of abortion. We are forgetting that a life is being taken. Some will be offended. I’m sure of it. But what if I get one person to think? One person to consider, “What’s God’s Opinion?” What if I sway one person’s way of looking at the issue?

If you see my car, and my bumper sticker, please remember, I’m not doing this to offend, but to make you think; to slam your brain with that word–Murder. We cannot tidy up the procedure with sterile terms, nor distance ourselves from our guilt by chanting, “A Women’s Right to Choose.” It’s a Life!

Our Opinion Should not be Above God’s . . .


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