Things I Hate! Really! I’m Not Making This Up!

Lots of hate flying around today. Dems and Reps calling each other nasty names. People refusing to go to the inauguration. It all seems a little crazy to me.

I have to admit, during the election cycle, I got swept up in the political war; might have said things that some would consider nasty.

You know what amazes me? I was chastised during that time for my somewhat less than Christian attitude. Yet some of those chastisers are still caught in the battle, making nasty comments and posts. I guess it’s all right for them, because they’re from the other side.
Probably think their rants, putdowns and less than stellar language is all right… maybe even ordained by God.

But wait! This is not meant to be a political post.

Since the term hate and hater are bantered about so much, I thought I’d mention some things I truly hate.

My Hate List

  1. I hate liver! The very thought of it, sitting on my dinner plate makes me quiver! Now that I think about it, my hatred might border more on fear. Imagine a horror movie- THE LIVER THAT ATE NEW YORK CITY! A big blob of liver oozing down the street, sucking up everything it touches.

2. I hate when someone sits right behind me at the movies. IT ALWAYS HAPPENS! My wife and I will take our seats in an almost empty theater. I eyeball the door and check the time. She knows what I’m doing, hoping no one else is coming. It never fails, though. A couple will appear. My reaction-I’ll try to make myself look half crazed (Maybe drool a bit), throw my arms over the backs of the seats, maybe growl, hoping they’ll avoid my area. BUT NO! They choose the seat right behind me . . . I hate that.

3. I hate when a waitress is too talkative. My wife says it’s my fault, I’m too friendly. Maybe I am. But sometimes you get a waitress who won’t shut up. I’ve heard stories of their surgeries (things I never want to hear again), had baby pictures pulled out, childhood memories brought up. I think waitresses should be fitted with shock collars. If they stay in one spot too long, ZAP! They know it’s time to move on.

4. I hate when my socks are pulled too tight around the tops of my toes. They get claustrophobic. Don’t you hate that?

5. Speaking of toes, I hate stubbing my little toe. I’m cringing, thinking about it.

6. I hate the dark. Walking around in it is when I usually stub my little toe.

7. I hate when my wife and I fight over which one of us is right. The answer is obvious, isn’t it?

8. I hate eating wood chips covered in chocolate. . . It’s a long story. Don’t go there.

9. I hate when people pronounce the word HEIGHT as if it ends in a “th” instead of an “ht”! Get with the program people! It’s height as in bite; not height as in . . .  I can’t think of another word that ends in a th that would rhyme well. So just don’t do it. OK?

10. I hate when people call you a hater simply because you disagree with them. That’s one of the main problems in our country today. We seek diversity of opinions as long as it doesn’t diversify too far from . . . NEVER MIND. I don’t want to get caught up in that conversation, because it borders on the political.

Well, that’s it. A list of ten things I hate. How about you? What do you hate?

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