Appreciate Your Pastor!

October is Pastor Appreciation Month? What’s your response to that? Do you say, “Oh really?” “I didn’t know that.” Sad news is, I’ve shared this with some people who give a scoffing laugh as if Pastors don’t need appreciation. “What? We pay them a salary for working one day a week. Why do they need us to appreciate them?”
I’d like to say, What a bunch of Satanic Cow Manure! Your pastor does need your appreciation.
Let me give you a few reasons.
1. Most Pastors are extra hard on themselves.       78.23 % of churches in America are in decline? OK. I made that up. BUT THERE ARE ALOT OF FAILING CHURCHES. For every one of them there’s a pastor who blames himself, or struggles to keep it going. Guess what? It’s not always the pastor’s fault.

Isn’t it interesting that we blame our leaders for our failures. Plain truth is, some churches have ceased doing God’s work. The Spirit has departed.
2. Being a Pastor is a Lonely Job       You may not think it, but it’s true. Surrounded by people, yet alone. He understands he is different from the members of his congregation. Not better. Not holier. But different. I know young pastors who pishaw at this. “We’re going to live with our people; be just like them.” Trust me. They’ll learn. Pastor’s children are held to a higher standard. His wife also. I remember my second church. Upon arriving I was informed that my wife would play the piano and lead the choir. HA!

You can miss the board meeting if you’ve decided to go bowling, or if the finale to America’s Got Talent is on TV. Do you allow that same luxury to your pastor?
3. Pastor’s Lives are a Roller Coaster of Emotion     They’re there when you have your celebrations. But they see the tragic side of life, too. They’re in hospitals, holding the hands of the ones in sick beds. They visit those who are terminally ill. They’re on call for whoever needs them.

Hey, I’m not crying in my guacamole. I probably stated my case pretty poorly. I just wanted to share some facts. October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Do something nice for yours.
If you say, he’s not worth appreciating, then get a new one or go to a different church. Plain and simple.
To all my pastor friends- God bless you! Whether your church realizes it or not, you’re worth appreciating! You’re on the front lines in a Spiritual War. May He grant you the strength and courage to keep going. Don’t grow weary in doing well!

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