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These postings are just what their title suggests- short little Bible Thoughts.

Fear versus Trust

Have you ever felt like your life’s tailspinning out of control? That you’re swirling down into a deep, dark hole, with no way out? That’s me the last few months. Between health issues, financial difficulties, job concerns, and other things. … Continue reading

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Solving the Thanksgiving Dilemma

The other day (November 2nd) my wife and I went to a Chinese restaurant. They were playing Christmas music. Shades of the movie, A Christmas Story! FA-RA-RA-RA-RA. At Staples an employee was complaining about the store staying open all day … Continue reading

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Have it God’s Way!

Burger King went off the deep end. They came out with a gay pride whopper. The wrapper of the Pride whopper said- “We are all the same inside.” I kid you not. Watch the You-tube commercial, which shows the un-informed and brain … Continue reading

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Playing Hide and Seek with God

Can you play hide and seek with God? I mean, how could you hide from Him? One of the Big Bible “Omni’s” is God is Omniscient- All Knowing. Yet, in Genesis 3:9, God asked Adam and Eve, “Where are you?” Huh? … Continue reading

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It’s Easter! What Are You Doing?

“So what are you doing for Easter?” That’s the question the teller at the bank’s drive-up window asked me. I’ve noticed their asking more personal questions. I think it’s part of their, We’re your friendly neighborhood bank campaign. It’s annoying. … Continue reading

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Death and Bigfoot

“Sweetheart, you have to stop saying that to the children. They don’t know you’re kidding.” Once again, my wife and I were having a disagreement. I don’t understand it. I make a very rational request of my kids and she … Continue reading

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Alberto the Great!

“Old people should be seen and not heard. In some cases they shouldn’t even be seen.” I think not! Yet sadly, even in some Christian churches, the elderly are dismissed as being irrelevant. Can I tell you a story? Years … Continue reading

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Standing Against the Flow

The world is a raging river. I’ve recently come to realize this, while I was channel surfing, lamenting on the lack of good programing out there. I’m not talking about the quality of the acting. I’m talking about the message … Continue reading

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Dealing with a Limburger Cheese Attitude

Did you hear the story about the kids who played a trick on their granddad? While he was sleeping, they smeared a little Limburger cheese on his mustache. When he woke, his face soured as he sniffed at the air. … Continue reading

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Tinsel Rage

You’ve heard of Road Rage? Well, I have Tinsel Rage. What’s that, you may ask? It’s an uncontrollable anger, brought on by the pressure of the holiday. It’s named for Tinsel. Do you remember tinsel? I’m not sure if they … Continue reading

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