Do People Ask You This?

Photo 125What Must I do to be Saved?
Has anyone ever asked you that? A better question might be, WOULD anyone ever ask you that?
In Acts 16:16-30, Paul’s jailer asked him this question.
But why? Did Paul grab him by the shirt and shout, “Ask me! Ask me! Ask me!” Was he wearing a button- “Official Eastern Distributor of Salvation. Ask me about it!” I don’t think so.
The jailer saw something in Paul that prompted his inquiry; something the world needs to see in Christians today.

He saw-
A Joy Shining Above Current Circumstances.   Why was Paul imprisoned? He didn’t steal or kill or start a riot. No. He and Silas were tossed in prison for doing what God told them to do; PREACH THE GOSPEL.

Many Christians would moan and groan if this happened to them. “Oh woe is me! God, why did you allow this?” Not Paul and Silas. After being stripped, beaten, and tossed in with the rats, about midnight, the two began to sing praises to God! Wow!

Can you imagine the look on the jailer’s face. “What? Are these men daft? Don’t they know they may be facing death?”

Remember, your reactions in difficult times shows the world who or what you put your faith in. Do those around you see your joy in the midst of troubles?

Secondly, Paul’s Put Others First    He and Silas weren’t thrown in a regular jail cell. NO! The jailer was warned that if they escaped, the punishment due them would fall on him. So he threw them in the inner jail. He chained them to make sure they wouldn’t escape.

Suddenly, there was an earthquake. The chains fell off. The jailer figured everyone’s escaped. So what did he do? He drew his sword and was about to kill himself. But Paul called out, “Don’t do it! We’re all here!”
The jailer grabbed a light, looked in and was amazed. His response . . . He fell at Paul’s feet and asked, “What must I do to be saved?” Paul had the chance to escape, but was willing to put the jailer’s well being above his own.
Do others see a sacrificial love in you?

I might mention a third point. Paul Preached the Gospel. The jailer must have known this. But it’s my belief that Paul’s witness was as much (if not more) in his actions than in his words.

Are others seeing God in you? Until they see the difference He’s made in your life, why would they seek your advice on Spiritual issues?
Ask yourself, when was the last time someone asked you, What must I do to be saved?

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